Do you wish to set up tiles at your home? If so, contacttiptop.ae. Tiptop.ae is among the top brands providing professional and affordable tile fix and install services within Dubai. We provide all kinds of tile installation and fixing services, both in the residential and commercial sectors. With many years of experience providing services for the installation of tiles, our experienced team members know the latest trends and requirements of our valued clients.

Tile Flooring & Maintenance

Our company has the best experiences in the field of tile. Tiptop.ae install tiles for your commercial and residential properties to bring beauty, elegance, elegant, value, and durability to your job or pre-construction. Our company provides top tile installation and top repair services for tiles. We don’t just do tile work but also carry out all sorts of repairs and remodeling for bathrooms, kitchens, patios, living rooms, and much more.

A gorgeous and good-looking tiled flooring in any space or hallway instantly creates a feeling of luxury, beauty, and elegance. After the tile’s artwork is installed, we put in your brand new floor with tiles which also keep maintenance low. For large areas, the correct floor tile installation is essential to allow for imperfections in the sub-floor. If you use ceramic floor tile or semi-precious granite, we will always ensure that you have the proper preparatory steps before setting your floor tile.

All major AC manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and routine maintenance to get rid of dirt. Regular AC servicing can increase AC efficiency and cut down on electric bills. An un serviced AC could use more energy to cool the air or might not be able to provide adequate cooling due to issues like gas leakage.
In AC service, technicians clean the dirt and dust from the condenser coil, the evaporator coil as well, and other crucial elements of the unit. If you use a split AC, the condenser coils reside in the outside unit. Tiptop. ae team of highly skilled and certified technicians.
Air Conditioner Filters
The primary maintenance job that can ensure your AC’s performance is changing or cleaning the filters. Dirty filters, clogged or blocked, restrict airflow, which can significantly decrease the system’s effectiveness. Additionally, if the airflow is blocked, it could enter the filter and flow directly onto the evaporator coil and decrease the capacity of the coil to absorb heat. The replacement of a dirty and clogged filter with a fresh one can reduce the energy use of your AC by between 5 and 15 percent.
Central air conditioners’ filters are typically located within the return duct’s length. Most filters are located in the ceiling, walls, or even the air conditioner. Room air conditioners are equipped with an air filter mounted inside the grill, which faces the room.
Air Conditioner Coils
The evaporator and condenser coil accumulate dirt throughout their years and months of operation. A clean filter will stop the evaporator’s spiral from becoming dirty rapidly. However, over time the evaporator coil may continue to collect dirt. The dirt can reduce airflow and insulate the coil decreasing its capacity to cool down. To prevent this issue, check your evaporator coil each calendar year and clean it if needed.

Leading Tiling Contractors in Dubai & Nearby

Tiptop.ae is a group of professionals with decades of experience in fixing tile services. We are a top tile repair contractor in Dubai. We provide installation, improvement, repair, maintenance, and services. If you’re looking for tile fixing professionals in Dubai to fix tiles for your apartment or office building, ensure that you contact us. We are here for our clients to offer high-quality, professional tile fixing service in Dubai.
Over a thousand loyal customers trust us for their tiles fixing business in Dubai. We also make our clients our priority. Tell us about your requirements for fixing tiles.

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Professional Communication

We believe good communication with our customers is essential to understanding their needs. We ensure high-quality, two-way communication with our clients to assure their understanding and complete satisfaction.

They are mounted on windows generally by making holes in the outside wall. Their use was more prevalent in the past; however, window air conditioners can still be seen in various locations, such as ground-level houses or apartments. Our team can still offer maintenance for these old model air conditioners as a general-order service provider.

Skilled Labor 

We have highly skilled and committed workers to ensure every task is completed efficiently. We take pride in the expertise of our employees.

Timely Completion

Our belief is that time management is crucial. In every project, much attention is paid to schedules to ensure that time-to-completion is maintained. We have a track record of consistently completing our tasks on time.

We have highly skilled and committed workers to ensure every task is completed efficiently. We take pride in the expertise of our employees.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary focus is on the satisfaction of our clients. We are accommodating and understanding and employ high-quality personalization for each project. If you’re happy with our services, We are delighted!


We take our work and our customer relationship very seriously. We ensure that you can rely on us and provide flawless, custom-designed results for you. Our expert team and top-quality service ensure that you can count on and trust us.

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