Living in a desert can cause walls to change color quickly due to the intense sunlight. Finding companies and getting quotes is complex and takes valuable time. Tiptop.ae Dubai We Are a No 1 Painting Company in Dubai and Leader in Wall Painting Services with Vast Experience in Delivering Quality Painting Services to Home and Office Owners.


Renovating homes, apartments, bungalows, residential and commercial buildings, tile and marble flooring, kitchen and bathroom remodelling contractor company in Dubai. “tiptop.ae is a home and office renovation contractor company that provides professional handyman services for home repairing and maintenance.


Masonry is a complicated process involving bricklaying, mortar laying, the erection of scaffolding, and trestles, making other things, as well as a lot more. The process requires much time and labor; skilled workers are the best here. The masons perform their best job by preparing, transporting their materials, placing them on the ground.


Do you wish to set up tiles at your home? If so, contacttiptop.ae. Tiptop.ae is among the top brands providing professional and affordable tile fix and install services within Dubai. We provide all kinds of tile installation and fixing services, both in the residential and commercial sectors. With many years of experience providing services.


Are you moving into a brand new residence and are looking to install new flooring? Perhaps you’ve lived in your house for some time and are ready to change things. No matter the situation, our flooring experts will assist you with any remodeling project. When it comes time to pick flooring for your home, numerous options exist.


Our experts in carpentry services have reported that ordinary office and home furniture problems include wobbly legs on chairs and loose or uneven legs of chairs and tables. Also, broken corners on drawers, scratches on tables, surface seating that is uncomfortable and fading leather/sheets of the sofa, and more.

Handyman Works

If you’re searching for the best handyman company in Dubai available to help you with your tasks in the home, take a look at no other than tiptop.ae. We’re sure you’ve got an endless list of jobs required around the house. With the pressures of family and work, it’s hard to find time to complete each. Suppose you sign up on the tiptop.ae website.

Wall Paper Fixing

Wallpapers can give more choices than painting your walls. It is possible to consult with our artists for professional advice regarding interior wallpapers, their quality colors, and style for your house, villa, or apartment’s interior. Our designers have the expertise to assist you in choosing wallpapers that are appropriate for your space.


Are you looking for reliable and affordable plumbing services? Need your plumbing system repaired? From blocked drains and pipes to boilers that blink, Tiptop.ae is a best plumbing company in Dubai for repairing and Maintenance with years of expertise and a priority-to-customer.


It is impossible to imagine a world without electricity. In particular, today, it’s unattainable to exist without electricity as we all have electronic devices that operate on the electricity flow. Sometimes, we discover minor faults in our gadgets and begin fixing the issues.