External Painting

External Painting

A New Coat of Paint can transform the Appearance of your House Immediately

The quickest way to improve the appearance of your house from the outside is too. Stain or paint in a new hue. Tiptop.ae best painting company in Dubai specializes in external property services that make an impact. There will be no worry or mess for you and your family if you contact one of our local house painting professionals. Our crews are highly recommended whether you need pressure washing or paint selection.

Contractor for External Painting in Dubai:

The Tiptop.ae has swiftly become the largest exterior best painting company in Dubai thanks to years of hard work, professionalism, and a keen eye for detail. For us, it’s a labor of love to change the exteriors of people’s homes and businesses with a new coat of Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint. Rotted wood is a common problem. Damage to the exterior of your home? That’s fine! The Tiptop.ae can handle carpentry needs, from a few boards to a complete siding project.
We’re excited to use the magic of paint to make your house or company a better place!

Dedicated to Providing the Highest Level of Quality:

When we use our patented procedure to paint a home’s exterior, our expert crews pay close attention to the minor details. Vinyl siding painting is one of the many exterior painting services we do. Because of our thoroughness and responsibility, we are a step above any other painting company. When we say we’ll do something, you can always count on us to do it. The 360° Painting Process ensures the best possible paint job every time.

The method used in our External Painting:

Here’s a quick rundown of 360° painting’s in-depth procedure:

  • As part of our consultation service, we guide the finish and type of paint and paint samples. We have national connections with top brands like Sherwin-Williams as painters. When it comes to finding paint for your home, this sets us apart from the rest.
  • As a result of our work, your home will appear better, not worse. It is necessary to cover all plants and furnishings with drop cloths or plastic sheets. We’ll work with you to close all the windows and storm windows, or else we’ll come up with another solution to keep the paint where it belongs.
  • Our goal isn’t just to paint your house; we’re here to make sure it looks beautiful year after year. Prepare the surface for painting. Preparing the surface of your home is critical to protecting your investment in exterior painting. These are just a few of the ways in which we prepare your home:
  • We use a biodegradable detergent or bleach, depending on the amount of the mildew, to remove dirt and mildew. The amount of time it takes to dry varies.
  • New paint must have an adherent surface that is as smooth as possible. We remove any loose or peeling paint by scraping and sanding. Spot prime, caulk, and putty can also be applied as needed.
  • As part of our work with you, we evaluate any wood that needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • Finish up any loose ends by nailing down any boards, moldings, or projecting nails that remain.
  • We take steps to safeguard your windows during the painting process, including removing screens and windows, if necessary. May incur additional fees. To ensure a seamless end to the project, all components that have been removed (such as storm windows and shutters) will be replaced.

In order to protect your property and our employees, we apply all coats of paint, including a final finish coat, following safety rules. The only thing that makes us happy is when we’re so glad. We value nothing more highly than a job well done. While the paint is curing, we’ll do a last walkthrough with you to make sure no touch-ups are needed, and once you’ve signed off on the job, we’ll clean everything up thoroughly. After a few days, you’ll receive a phone call to make sure you’re satisfied.
Every stage of our procedure is geared to achieve the best possible results. You can always rely on our staff to pay attention to every detail from start to end.

What's the point of hiring Tiptop.ae Painting if you're unsatisfied?

You’ll get five-star service at a reasonable price at Tiptop.ae Painting! Team members include estimators, painters, and production managers who work together to meet your deadlines and budgets. We are a locally owned and operated business that serves the residents of your area. In addition, we are paint experts and can help you get the style you desire.

Can schedule an on-site or phone appointment:

It’s time to get in touch with Tiptop.ae best painting company in Dubai if you want to transform your home. For a free estimate, call +971 4 4228198 or make an appointment online. Make your dreams come true with our aid!