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About TipTop

In the United Arab Emirates, TipTop Technical Services LLC is a fast-growing turnkey solutions supplier. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers by integrating, adapting, and constantly improving our skills. Our vast expertise enables us to provide the best possible solutions and customer satisfaction consistently. An aggressive strategy, perseverance, and a long-term goal for growth paved the way for the company’s successful start in 2010. As a result of the intense competition in the market, we’ve had to create a strategy emphasizing efficiency, creativity, and tenacity.

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Why Choose Us

To keep up with the ever-changing market and its needs, we offer a wide range of technical services, such as air conditioning maintenance, electrical repairs, plumbing installation, carpentry, and masonry. All of which are delivered with an eye on maximizing profits. We constantly research, develop, and implement new ideas to stay ahead of the competition.
We have assembled a crew of technicians who are masters of their craft and have extensive experience with residential and commercial technical services. Who has worked on projects of varying complexity, scale, and size while adhering to strict budgets and deadlines and has a proven track record of success?

On top of that, we’ve been able to form substantial connections within the industry, giving our clients access to deeply reduced paints, materials, goods, and accessories that are essential for a wide range of projects. When starting a new project, we always consult with the customer first to find out what they need, if a site visit is necessary, and what paints and finishes they want. Everything we offer is entirely accurate regarding deadlines, resources, and costs.
As a result of the customer-centric structure we’ve established, we’re able to give our clientele technical services of the best quality and reliability at the price they can afford. Our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients is the foundation of our reputation. If you need any mentioned technical job done at your home or business and are looking for the best possible price and result, you should consider hiring us. We have the skills and experience to efficiently manage every aspect of the project, from the initial site inspection to the final touches during the on-site implementation.

Our Services


Masonry is a complicated process involving bricklaying, mortar laying, the erection of scaffolding, and trestles, making other things, as well as a lot more. The process requires much time and labor; skilled workers are the best here. The masons perform their best job by preparing, transporting their materials, placing them on the ground, and finishing them according to specifications.


Do you wish to set up tiles at your home? If so, contacttiptop.ae. Tiptop.ae is among the top brands providing professional and affordable tile fix and install services within Dubai. We provide all kinds of tile installation and fixing services, both in the residential and commercial sectors. With many years of experience providing services for the installation of tiles.


Are you moving into a brand new residence and are looking to install new flooring? Perhaps you’ve lived in your house for some time and are ready to change things. No matter the situation, our flooring experts will assist you with any remodeling project. When it comes time to pick flooring for your home, numerous options exist.


Our experts in carpentry services have reported that ordinary office and home furniture problems include wobbly legs on chairs and loose or uneven legs of chairs and tables. Also, broken corners on drawers, loose wheels of executive chairs, scratches on tables, surface seating that is uncomfortable and fading leather/sheets of the sofa, wrinkles on the sofa’s fabric or bed.

The Reason Why Customers Adore Us—and How We Plan to Keep It That Way

We, Will, Fix It provides comprehensive maintenance services for your home, business, warehouse, or other commercial space. To defend our hard-earned name in the community, we maintain high-performance standards in all business areas, including hiring, education, and customer service. Guests consistently rave about how helpful and kind our reservation specialists are.

Modular service choice

Customers can schedule ad hoc maintenance visits and repairs as required or sign up for a yearly maintenance plan to ensure they always have someone to turn to for help with their property needs.
Our estimated times of arrival are always spot-on. According to our most recent data, we are either early or on time for 98.5% of our tasks. If we anticipate being late, we will give you a call.

100% Satisfaction guarantee for the customer

Customers are the most important part of our business. Thus we promise to treat you with the utmost respect and competence.

Considerable booking staff

Skilled professionals immediately support our trained call takers who take bookings. Because of this, problems may be identified and fixed more quickly, and estimates can provide on the spot for the vast majority of projects.

No Matter your size

Nothing is too much trouble, not even fixing a dripping faucet or cleaning the air conditioning ducts and coils across an entire building. Most of our service professionals are available six days a week to respond to any emergency maintenance requests you may have at your property.

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