Spray Painting

Spray Painting

Commercial and industrial spray painting is our forte at Tiptop.ae Spray Painting. Our turnaround time for completed projects is typically 7-10 days, and we never sacrifice value or quality to meet this deadline. Our professional staff is committed to offering a wide variety of spray painting finishes for each job, adhering to your exacting standards, and completing tasks on time. We use a spray-painting booth instead of painting in the open, where dust, pollen, and other pollutants may settle in.

Our expertise and experience

Spray painters at Tiptop.ae are highly trained professionals that have extensive industry expertise. Our involvement is not fleeting; we are not dabblers. Our staff comprises expert veterans who have done this before and are committed to exceeding client expectations at every turn. To see if this is true, ask one of our regular customers! We consider our high level of recurring business and positive reputation to result from our dedication to our customers directly.

  • If it fits in our booth, we can paint it.
  • Return time is typically 7-10 days.
  • The color palette is practically endless.
  • Affordable prices
  • There have many years of practice.
  • Guaranteed Quality Work
  • Basecoat + Sealer

Applying a two-pack epoxy primer before painting ensures a robust covering that will withstand corrosion, moisture, and other environmental hazards. Our No 1 Painting Company in Dubai expert prep team may sand down the primed coating after applying a two-pack primer, producing a level, smooth surface ready for a top coat. That should be done in a dust-free environment if at all feasible. The conditions for a flawless finish are created in our cutting-edge spray booth.

Conform in Color

Selecting the ideal hue for your work is crucial. Along with our standard services, we also provide a color matching service. Topcoats may be ordered in several sheen levels, from matte to eggshell to satin to high gloss polish.

Checking for Quality

After allowing enough time for the paint to dry, we undertake a comprehensive quality control inspection. We package your project for shipping only when we’re pleased with the results.

Routine Spraying of the Internal

We have extensive expertise in respraying suspended ceilings:

Our work includes acoustic ceiling tiles, metal pan ceilings, and perforated ceilings. We provide “as good as new” results at a fraction of the expense of a new suspended ceiling. In order to prevent the tiles in the top from bridging or the holes in the perforated tiles from being filled in, a special coating is sprayed on all of the ceilings.

We can spray any ceiling void:

whether made of metal, concrete, or wood. Our multi-surface coating will cling to a wide variety of substrates, and we may spray in any services located in the ceiling void or mask them to prevent any overspray from contacting them.

Interior decoration:

Tiptop.ae specializes in interior decoration, including the spray painting of walls, office partitions, railings, staircases, and virtually any other internal element. Compared to using a brush and roller, our previously painted areas’ respraying process is more efficient and less expensive. Spray painting new plaster results in a uniformly smooth surface free of the brush or roller markings, so we do that, too.

Heavy foot traffic can cause elevator doors to fade and get marked, making an otherwise lovely storefront seems to run down. If you want your elevator doors to look new, we can clean, prime, and spray them in any corporate or design color.

Routine Spraying of the External


Whether they are the elegant doors to your reception area/retail store or the industrial doors required for heavy usage, we have a refurbish or re-coloring spray paint solution that will include a professional procedure of cleaning, preparing, masking, and spraying.


In commercial and retail settings, UPVC and aluminum windows may be resprayed to look new at a fraction of the expense of purchasing new ones. It is possible to spray-paint the windows in whatever color, even white.

Most modern commercial buildings include cladding or curtain walls:

Tiptop.ae has extensive expertise in renovating and repainting these types of structures. We can clean and prepare the surfaces of your design, whether a metal curtain wall framework or a cladded building made of composite panels, and then use our specialized methods to respray the building in any color you like.

Re-spraying and re-coating the shop front’s structure:

Doors and windows, shutters, and suspended or curtain walls is something we frequently do. Working around store hours of operation, Tiptop.ae is accustomed to meeting the demanding schedules typical in the retail industry.